Time for Change

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Public Safety

As a first responder myself, I know the hardships and problems first responders face. It is time we prioritize public safety making sure our deputies, emt’s, and firefighters have what they need to do the job. It is well past time to put public safety first on the agenda, and I plan to do just that by also making sure we are adequately paying our first responders a decent living wage. As County Councilman, I will work with County Council and the County administrator to find innovative ways to best support public safety. Ensuring that the Marlboro Community is invested in public safety, and that policing is always viewed through a community-based lens, will always be a top priority of mine.

Economic Development

Having jobs and training programs that provide growth and advancement allows for Marlboro County residents to be the best version of themselves while also having a stable job with good benefits. It is time we start inviting businesses and companies over to Marlboro County. As County Councilman, I will strategically work with County Council to ensure current and future companies and businesses have what they need from the county to be successful while also promoting that being responsible members of the Marlboro Community is good for business.

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From Old Wire Road Closure to ensuring we have drinkable water; it is time we focus more on infrastructure. Safe, reliable infrastructure should be a basic service provided to all Marlboro County Residents. It is time we fix our crumbling roads while also making sure our Public Works Department have the tools and resources to do the job. As County Councilman, I will partner with County Council, local and state officials to fix our roads and prepare for sustainable infrastructure growth.

Access to Improved Healthcare

From losing our local hospital in 2015, to only having an urgent care that is only opened during the day, it is past time that we aggressively address the lack of medical services in Marlboro County. The most recent study indicated it will be very unlikely our county can support a hospital or A free standing emergency room. As County Councilman, I will work with County Council, local and state officials to see what alternatives we can put in place while also continuing to push for permanent emergency care.